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Caffe Nero Helen J Hicks plays for all ages jazz and lullabies on 30th April in Cambridge - 29th April 2010

Come down to Cafe Nero on 11 Market Street tomorrow (Friday 30th April) opposite Holy Trinity Church and hear Helen J.Hicks sing songs whilst sipping your iced tea or latte and nibbling on a cake or panini. Helen will be singing songs from both he


Book tickets now and come and see Helen J Hicks perform live at the largest bookshop in Europe with The Battle and Taylor show on Wednesday 19th May, brought to you l

This Weeks Poem
Broken Reed
21st June 2010

My weakness is weakness I cannot take.

I break, I break, I break against its unyielding side.

Brittle-boned my splintered pride scatters bruising words.

No room for "age" to be heard, nor the aging in our age-obsessed planet, we Westerners inhabit.


I think back to the graceful, grateful elders of my African friends,

And see we need to make amends with the years,

Before their trials and fears tear us limb from limb,

knowing and trusting like Him that the real treasures lie within.


So crack the plastered face and awake in me a renewed grace-filled energy

For the weak, the frail, the broken reed.

For, I too, one day will be in need.

Be Myself

Helen J Hicks

Helen J Hicks debut solo album, her live jazz album - 'Helen J Hicks, Live at the 606' and 'Mama's Favourite Lullabies' are out now on and iTunes, and all major digitail platforms, and are also available on store.

A Cambridge Choral Scholar and winner of the Best Newcomer at the 2005 Marlborough Jazz Festival, Helen J Hicks is a "... a Joni Mitchell on the cusp between folk and jazz" Sunday Times.

Helen's passion for music began in her childhood. She began singing at age 3 and by the time she was 8, Helen was playing both piano and guitar. From the age of 10, Helen began writing and composing her own songs. From the humble beginnings of singing around the Christmas Tree, Helen has continued developing as a singer/songwriter through performance and great opportunities.

She has collaborated on songs with Izzy from Guns 'n' Roses while working with Charles Norman in LA, she has sung with the likes of Jazz greats David Okumu and Ian Shaw, and Helen has represented the UK at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. Helen also formed her own Jazz band called KUDU, with local Tanzanian musicians, while living in Dar es Salaam in 2001. KUDU was a huge success, playing at every major event in the city, and appearing on National and South African Television.

Prior to launching her solo album, Helen had recorded 2 albums with her band HoneyRiders and was signed to Universal for their last album. Since then, Helen has launched her own music label LoudMouthMusic Ltd and will be launching a new brand, 'Mama's Favourite' focusing on quality baby and children's music later this year.

Helen J Hicks is performing will be performing at various festivals and venues, including a 'Caffe Nero' tour this year where they are currently playlisting songs from two of her albums on their international playlist. Check her 'News' and 'Events' sections for details.

Reviews of her current albums include:

Mama's Favourite Lullabies is "a much needed addition to the children's audio market.  Highly recommended *****". Paul Ewing, BBCTV CBeebies TV Presenter

Helen J Hicks Live at the 606 Club  is an "original and beautiful collection of old standards and new, she deserves to shine as her songs do" Don Black

Helen J Hicks the solo album "has an overridingly folky, country edge, full of beautiful soaring string arrangements." Irish World